Phonics Museum | FAQ


Is the app available on Android?

Yes!  Phonics Museum is now available for Android devices.

There is no sound when I play the app.

  • Verify that the physical ring/silent switch is not on silent mode
  • Verify that the slide up menu does not have the mute button set
  • Verify that your volume is set to a proper level

My student is in the middle of the Phonics Museum curriculum. Can I just start the new Phonics Museum app in the middle?

  • Just like any other app, you must start the Phonics Museum from the beginning. It is programmed to track progress and completion of one floor of the museum (level) unlocks the next floor. But the app is so fun, your child will want to start from the beginning to get to know the characters, play the games and follow the storyline!

I’m stuck in a game and can’t go on. What should I do?

  • If you are still in the game, tap the "back" arrow in the upper left of the screen. Then try the game again.
  • Force quit the app by double-clicking your device's home button, then swiping up. Then login and try the game again.
  • Try the app on another device, if you have one.
Take a Tour of the Phonics Logo Join Percival and Miss Biddle, the museum curator on a reading adventure as they explore the Phonics Museum, sing songs, and play games with the living artwork in the museum. It’s an experience you'll never forget!